Plein Air Range

Harbron Compact Tripod Easel and Tripod Shelf set up for watercolour painting

"I am very pleased to offer a small range of high quality, handcrafted items for plein air painting. They  are made in limited batches and include tripod easels, wet panel carriers, and tripod shelves. They are all modelled on the exact equipment I have been using successfully for a number of years now. Parts and materials are all sourced from the UK and I have avoided plastic by using materials like wood, stainless and brass. Items are dispatched in recycled/repurposed 'eco' packaging via Royal Mail. You can make inquiries via and order your chosen item from this page. I look forward to hearing from you." 
- Alex Harbron 

Harbron COMPACT Tripod Easel

The Harbron Compact Tripod Easel is a unique stripped-down design that offers plein air artists a lightweight and compact solution to carrying an easel. Handcrafted by the artist from beech wood with a fixed lower wedge, the weight comes in at just 190g! With an inbuilt 1/4-20in thread, this easel will fit any standard tripod. You can fix panels up to 12in in height.  

H: 420mm x W: 46mm. Weight: 190g. 

£39.99 inc. UK postage & recyclable 'eco' packaging.
(Tripod and canvas board not included)

"(The easel) has just arrived and I am thrilled with it. This is perfect, being lightweight and just the right size for a bag" - Tilly, UK. 

Harbron Tripod Easel


The standard tripod easel is modelled on the original Compact tripod easel, but has a longer shaft to accommodate larger canvas boards (up to 16in).  

H: 508mm x W: 46mm. Weight: 232g

£44.99 inc. UK postage & recyclable 'eco' packaging.
(tripod and canvas board not included)

Sold out! Inquiries at


Harbron 10" x 12" Panel Box 

Handmade by the artist. The Harbron Panel Box will hold up to three canvas boards sized 9x12in to 10x12in (not included). The box profile is similar in size to a lever arch file but slimmer. Side panels are glued and tacked for strength in the field. Shallow internal grooves side and bottom hold the panels firmly in place. Two coats of linseed oil is applied to protect the wood and give it an attractive warm glow.  

H: 293mm x L: 327mm x W: 44mm (approximately). 

£59.99 inc. UK postage & recyclable 'eco' packaging. 
(Canvas boards not included)

BUY Harbron 10x12" Panel Box here


Harbron Tripod Shelf

Hand crafted from birch plywood, this shelf is designed to slot onto most tripods. Holds up to six brushes, and features a drip catchment groove around the palette area. Can be used as a palette or a shelf for essentials. Sized to fit into the Harbron Wet Panel Carrier (sold separately) making the perfect plein air system.  

"I adore my shelf.. I use it as my main workspace now" - Claire Hitchcock, #clarehitchcockfineart

"Thank you for your tripod board which arrived in record time.. What an ingenious solution!" - Tilly, UK

£39.99 inc. UK postage & recyclable 'eco' packaging.
(Tripod not included)

Tripod not included.        

Harbron Plein Air Kit


Available as a complete package to help get you started, my plein air kit includes:
  • Harbron Compact Tripod Easel 
  • Harbron 10x12" Wet Panel Carrier
  • Harbron Tripod Shelf
  • FREE Harbron 10x12" Palette (below)
  • FREE: Winsor & Newton 10x12in Artists Canvas Board
£139.99 inc. UK postage and recyclable 'eco' packaging.
(Tripod not included)

"It's a great looking bit of kit and I can't wait to use it all" - Alan, UK

NEW! Harbron Plein Air Kit for Watercolour Artists

Available as a complete plein air system for watercolour artists, this kit is designed to convert an existing tripod into a fantastic plein air system for watercolour artists. Simply tape your paper to the board, or attach your block with bulldog clips and away you go.

  • Harbron Compact Tripod Easel
  • Harbron Tripod Shelf
  • FREE Harbron Easel Board (3mm MDF Hardwood: 300mm x 402mm)

£74.99 inc UK postage and recyclable 'eco' packaging


Harbron 'Miniatures' Panel Box

Handmade in the UK, this strong, ultra-portable and lightweight box is crafted from wood and comes with a set of three primed 5"x 7" canvas boards. 

£44.99 inc. UK postage and recyclable 'eco' packaging. 



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