I come from a family of artists and writers, but I am largely a self-taught representational painter using a variety of media to express the landscapes I encounter on my travels. I especially like using water mixable oil paints, working plein air, where I strive to complete my pieces entirely on-sight. I love being outdoors and also indulge in writing and sketching in watercolour, gouache and ink. 

Whilst most people find their refuge in physical structures, I find mine in being outdoors. I am particularly drawn to rural landscapes and wild places and I walk many hundreds of miles every year exploring new lanes and paths and tramping the old familiar ones too. Every walk is an adventure that always reveals a beauty that I feel compelled to express and share through art. 

In my compositions I strive to convey a sense of movement through the landscape as I experience it, using paths, roads, rivers, etc. I like to showcase the beauty of the landscape through the drama of light and weather. Ultimately, I would love the viewer to experience even just a small part of the restorative peace I do when being outdoors. My major influences include Tom Thompson, Isaac Levitan, Shanna Kunz, James Gurney and Erin Hanson, to name but a few. 

David A. Evans


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