NEW: Harbron 'Miniatures' Panel Box


I am pleased to announce a new addition to the Harbron Plein Air range: a panel box for miniature 5x7" canvas boards.

5 great reasons why I take this box on location: 

  1. Small canvas boards, or miniatures, are great for warming-up. Rather than jump straight into my main piece, I might do a miniature just to get my mind and ideas focused and my hands loosened up.
  2. Sometimes my miniatures will be the main piece. I might complete a run of miniatures between rain showers or when I don't have a lot of time, or when I simply want to focus on a small study.
  3. Miniatures are great to do at the end of a painting session, to use up what paint I have left on the palette, whilst making the most of any time I have left. 
  4. Miniatures are super portable. I can reduce my kit to 2 paint brushes, a limited palette of 3-4 tubes of paint, small airtight palette, my medium and a rag. Off I go! At such a small size, I can get away without an easel - I'll just hold the board in my hand. 
  5. Miniatures help me reach more people and open an additional income stream. Because they come in at a lower price point, they are more affordable for gift hunters and art appreciators on a limited budget.

When doing a miniature, I tend to steer clear of grand panoramic views or large buildings. I'll focus in on an element of my planned larger piece. For example, If I'm painting a large tree, I might warm-up with a miniature study focused on the base of the trunk and it's roots or the way the light falls on part of the foliage. I won't usually think about detail, just impressionistic blocks of hue and tone to give the general idea. When working small, it's best to keep it simple :)

The Harbron Miniatures Panel Box is handmade in small batches by me, using materials and components sourced here in the UK. The box includes a full set of 5x7" canvas boards and is available for £39.99 inc. UK postage and recyclable 'eco' packaging. 


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