Walking by Bryn-pinod Woods in Spring

Bryn-pinod woods is a natural cathedral of trees that reverberates a choir of birds. The service is held every sunrise and sunset in spring.
Like may cathedrals, the entrance is spectacular. The bank along its perimeter is speckled with white wood anenome and flashing bright yellows of lesser celandine. Bluebells cascade down to the roadside and are particularly resplendant after a week of sunshine and mild temperatures. There are also spritely dandelions and clusters of pastel primroses adding to the palette. Within the trees, the birds are piping up as the light turns golden. Coughing rooks, chipping wrens, squawking magpies, screeching pheasants, cooing wood pigoens, twittering finches, robins and blackbirds. All seem to have gathered at this one place to celebrate spring. I almost feel obliged to make the sign of the cross as I pass by. 


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