Domen-gastell, West (plein air)

Domen-gastell, West
David A. Evans
2020, oil on canvas board, 5x7

“Early winter, late afternoon, tramping a local hill called Domen-gastell in mid Wales. The land is a beautiful golden russet and the sky has a lavender tint to it. There are a few light, wispy clouds getting gently blown across and I notice a spec of amber floating towards me. I stop and watch it as it comes closer. A red kite; I have not seen one in these parts before. I watch it float on the thermals with long splayed wings tipped with feathered fingers like outstretched hands. Its forked tail sways from side to side like the arms of a balancing tightrope walker. Then, uninterested by me, it plummets beyond the western horizon, at the vanishing point of my path. In its sudden absence I see my next painting and rummage in my canvas bag for tubes of yellow ochre and burnt sienna. I don't see the kite again, but its passing felt like a blessing.”  

Domen-gastell, West by David A. Evans
2020, oil on canvas board, 5x7, plein air. 


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