Boat on Adda, Italy

Boat on Adda, Italy
David A. Evans
2020, oil on canvas board, 10x12in.

Late October, 2018, I am racing back to Wales. From Italy. On Bicycle.
Any day now, the Swiss alpine passes are going to close for the winter, and that would entail a considerable detour. I trace a quiet route on the banks of the river Adda from Bergamo, heading directly north for Switzerland. I should have my head down, but what a crime that would be when the scenery is so spectacular and the last of the summer weather is so warm and uplifting. I stop a moment to take a picture. A small rowing boat, a slow flowing river, sun-speckled trees blown from the north, hazy hills. My sense of urgency jars with the view. My heart drops, my breathing relaxes, my feet plant themselves firmly on the ground. The bike is propped and silent. I look at the boat and dream of drifting on the water, away from winter and back towards the Med. I check the photo. It's good for a painting one day. Time to mount the bike and get over the Alps.


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